Hamas Calls For Prosecuting Israeli Leaders For Sabra And Shatila Massacre


Sabra and Shatila massacre committed by the Israeli occupation and its allied militias in Lebanon in 1982 will never be forgotten, Hamas said Monday on the 37th anniversary of the crime.

The Sabra and Shatila massacre will continue, as long as the Israeli occupation is not held accountable for its crimes, Hamas’ Refugee Affairs Office said in a press release.

“When a criminal does something with impunity, he will continue his crimes against humanity,” stressed the office.

The statement added: “The Palestinian blood will remain the compass pointing towards Palestine and the option of resistance will remain the right path towards liberation.”

On 16th September 1982, Israeli occupation forces committed the Sabra and Shatila massacre, ethnically cleansing thousands of Palestinians, including women, children, and elderly people.

Regarding the recent measures imposed by Lebanon’s Labour Ministry on Palestinian workers, the office called on the Lebanese government and the ministerial committee in charge of Palestinian affairs to reverse this decision and grant social and economic rights to Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees.