Unsatisfactory Airline Service


Lately, many flight services are unsatisfactory and uncomfortable for passengers who have booked tickets to reach their destination on time.

For example, on 14th September 2020, our flight from Kota Bahru to KLIA and then to Miri was canceled, and had to stay overnight for the next flight to Miri on 15th September. We use Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB) or MAS flight services were recently stranded due to MAS changing the schedule at the last minute, making it difficult for passengers who want to reach their destination on time.

Their reason is an unexpected change that is unfortunately unavoidable due to reduced operations due to Covid-19 conditions.

This is not an excuse to avoid providing services to passengers who are stranded or late to their destination. Some passengers who have to attend meetings have to be canceled or unable to attend on time.

If passengers are forced to stay overnight due to no flight that night they are not given food and drink and accommodation to spend the night. Try to imagine a young girl, the elderly, and those with families carrying small children should spend the night at the airport without any facilities, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Their safety and health will be threatened and affected as there are no security controls and facilities for them to rest comfortably unless they have to go out looking for food and accommodation on their own.

All of this requires extra spending money and the cost of travel and accommodation that you have to bear on your own without being able to charge back the airline that changes their flight schedule.

We urge airlines to take responsibility for passengers who use their services by providing convenience to stranded passengers.

Without customers, it is not certain that the airline can make a profit. Airlines should be responsible for the time changes they make. They should provide the best service to customers and not just selfish.

The management should pay attention to the problems faced by stranded passengers and should deal with providing some accommodation facilities to the passengers involved.

The authorities must also play a role so that this problem can be resolved as best as possible so that both parties do not experience difficulties and losses due to unexpected time changes. Cooperation with all to overcome this problem from recurrence is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Jofri Jaraiee
Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief