Statement On 74th Anniversary Of Nakba


On the 74th Anniversary of the Nakba: There is no legitimacy for the occupation over our Palestinian land, our sanctuaries, and Al-Aqsa, and we are on the path of comprehensive resistance until liberation and return.

After seventy-four years of the occupation of our land and the displacement of our Palestinian people, and despite all the massacres and crimes committed by the occupier enemy throughout its dark history in the longest continuous colonial occupation in the world, the Palestinian people are still steadfast in their land, adhering to their rights and principles, and defending their identity and sanctities.

On the seventy-fourth anniversary of the painful catastrophe (Nakba),
the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas affirms the following:

First: The comprehensive resistance, at the forefront of which is the armed resistance, is our way and choice to confront the occupation, restrain its terrorism, and repel its aggression, to regain our legitimate national rights.

Second: The occupation has neither legitimacy nor sovereignty over our historical land, and at the heart of it is Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was and will remain purely Islamic character. Our Palestinian people will continue to adhere to the city of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine from its sea to its river, and foil all plans of the occupation.

Third: In light of the challenges and dangers that plague our national cause, it is a must to engage into the formation of a national front that brings together all the components of our Palestinian people, according to a strategy of resistance struggle that meets the aspirations of our Palestinian people for liberation, return, and self-determination.

Fourth: The Zionist occupation’s crimes against the Palestinian people in forced displacement, murder, and apartheid from 1948 to this day, will not be subject to a statute of limitations and will remain engraved in the living memory of our Palestinian people, and these crimes will not be forgiven or forgotten.

Fifth: Liberating the Palestinian detainees from the occupation prisons will remain our top priority. As Hamas liberated the detainees in the “Wafa’a Al-Ahrar prisoners swap,” it pledges to free them in an upcoming detainees swap soon.

Sixth: Our Arab and Islamic nation is the strategic depth of our Palestinian people and our cause. The normalization of some of the Arab regimes’ relations with the Zionist enemy will weaken their strength, penetrate their national security, and threaten the interests of their people. We call on these normalizing countries to backtrack this path, and not to allow the integration of this enemy and its entity into the body of our nation.

Seventh: The bias of successive US administrations toward the occupation, the silence and international inaction in putting an end to this occupation, and the double standards policy practiced by many Western powers in dealing with our cause, hold them all historically responsible for the continuation of this catastrophe.
We call on them to desist from the bias and double standards policy, to grant our Palestinian people their legitimate rights, and end the occupation.

We call on the masses of our Palestinian people to continue their steadfastness and confront the occupation and its plans by all means.
We also call on the masses of our Arab and Islamic nations and the free people of the world to strengthen their solidarity and mobilize support for the steadfastness of our Palestinian people and their legitimate struggle.

We pledge to our Palestinian people and our Ummah to continue the path of resistance until the liberation of Palestinian land, detainees, and the end of the occupation.

Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas

Sunday: May 15, 2022