London High Court Orders Sarawak Report To Pay RM156,017 To PAS


The London High Court has ordered Sarawak Report to pay £28,900 (RM156,017) in costs in its case against PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic).

Abdul Hadi’s lawyer Wan Rohimi Wan Daud in a Facebook post said that Abdul Hadi had won all five of its interlocutory applications in its libel suit against Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

“Sarawak Report has been ordered to pay cost of £28,900 (RM156,017),” he said.

He added that a press conference will be conducted in due time.

PAS had sued Rewcastle-Brown for libel over an article she wrote alleging that the party had received RM90mil in bribes from Umno.

However, Sarawak Report in a post on Monday (April 30) refuted PAS’ announcement that five of its applications were defeated and said that its claims that Abdul Hadi had won the libel case was “false”.

Sarawak Report also said that the half-day hearing in front of Justice Dingemans was only related to its procedural application.

“Political parties cannot sue in the UK and Sarawak Report had petitioned for a quick preliminary trial to determine whether it was Abdul Hadi or PAS who was behind the case to silence Sarawak Report on the issue of money flowing from Umno into the political party,” it claimed.

Sarawak Report said the judge had set a provisional date for a full trial for ten days lasting from April 1 to 12, 2019.-.thestar