Sand Dredging Activities Affect The Coast Sarawak

Kuala Baram Coast

Coastal areas are sensitive areas and are prone to various threats such as erosion that can affect the well-being of human life, the environment, and ecosystems. This study identifies the form of adaptation of the coastal community in Kampung Muhibbah Kuala Baram, close to the sea to overcome the threat of coastal erosion to continue as normal.

Short-term adaptation is to build sandbag fortifications to strengthen the shoreline from the effects of rapid waves and at the same time reduce the erosion of the cliffs. Medium-term adaptations are like planting trees in the living environment such as planting coconut trees and also making modifications to the house they live in. This step is felt to be able to be done by the community to deal with it within one year to five years.

Sand dredging activities along the coast of Kuala Baram also need to be reduced so that this erosion problem can be overcome. The sand dredging activity for many years, not far from the fishing village, Kampung Muhibbah Kuala Baram, close to the sea has become increasingly worrying for the residents because it is alleged to affect the settlement areas of fishermen who live there.

For fishermen, this activity causes their catch to decrease, and the source of income is also affected due to dredging and development activities around that area. In addition to affecting the income of local fishermen who make the coast a source of their livelihood, the decline in seafood yields also affects supply, resulting in rising prices in the market.

Residents appealed to the government to hear their voices and act immediately for the survival of the fishing community and coastal erosion could affect the homes of coastal residents.

We urge the authorities to act accordingly so that the lives and safety of the residents are not affected by uncontrolled sand dredging activities in their residential areas. Residents of fishing villages who are poor and have difficulty earning a living, especially in the time of Covid-19, desperately hope the authorities act fairly and can protect their lives from this coastal erosion.

Authorities also need to review sand dredging activities on this beach. If not handled properly, there is a high probability that one day the coastal area will become an ocean as erosion and high tide can cause flooding.

Once again, we urge and request that the authorities pay attention to the activities of these sand dredgers so as not to affect the safety of the residents and coastal erosion can be overcome immediately. Cooperation with the parties involved in overcoming this problem immediately is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Jofri Jaraiee
Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief