PAS focuses on bread and butter issues


KUALA KRAI, July 8 — Kota Baru MP Datuk Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah today criticised Umno’s use of the government machinery and personal attacks in their campaigning even as PAS continues to address bread and butter issues on the ground.

The PAS deputy election director told reporters that there was no chance of Umno winning for as long as “it does not understand the circumstances in Manek Urai where voters are traditional and religious.”

In a move that seeks to show how locals are not amused by Umno’s personal attacks on Mohd Fauzi Abdullah, Rahim said that the local fish industry association would protest on Friday against the “demeaning way” Umno has described Mohd Fauzi, a fish wholesaler.

He said that the “fishing profession has been insulted” by Umno’s attacks on PAS candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah being less educated as compared to Umno’s Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat.

PAS expects the majority to increase from the 1,352 in 2008 to beyond 2,000 votes.

Examples like the federal government decision to ban insurance policies for cars worth less than RM10,000 would be used to show villagers how BN is leaving them at risk.

When asked at a press conference if he felt Umno was desperate for an election win after four consecutive losses in Peninsular Malaysia (BN did not contest in Penanti), Rahim agreed.

He said it would “give them a new breath of life” but added that their campaign had so far missed the point.

“In all the mosques here, not a single imam (religious official) supports Umno,” he claimed.

“The fundamental thing here is that PAS fights for Islam but Umno has rejected the pursuit of Islam,” the election adviser for the July 14 vote said.

Rahim also said that the infamous “instant noodles” development projects that the Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government had been implementing here was “welcome as it benefits the public” but that the alleged misuse of government funds for political purposes was not what Manek Urai people wanted.-MalaysianInsider