Death Threat Against Tony Pua A Dangerous Escalation

1135 Of Political Polemics Of Race To Violent Threats Against Pakatan Rakyat Leaders.

DAP is disturbed by the death threats against Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, who received a bullet with a threatening note on 11.8.2010. DAP condemns these threats against Tony and his family as a dangerous escalation of political polemics of race to violent threats against Pakatan Rakyat(PR) leaders.

Pua had said he did not rule out that the threat was related to his proposal to the Selangor government to slash Bumiputera discounts for luxury homes and commercial property to be channeled to help the poor. DAP can not understand why these bumi discounts for the rich should not be rechannelled to the bumi poor?

Where else in the world but Malaysia do you have millionaires enjoying discounts for purchasing luxury homes? Tony was making a suggestion that instead of millionaire bumis enjoying these discounts, the discounts should be taken out and paid to a fund for the bumi poor.

By refusing to develop the issue on social merits, opponents of PR have turned it into a political polemics of race. Unable to win the argument on social merits, these opponents of PR are now escalating the matter into violent threats. DAP detests such violent threats and will discuss this at the DAP Central Executive Committee(CEC) meeting tonight.