Although Many Are Relieved, There Are Those Still Waiting To Receive Food Aid


The Movement Control Order (CPP) will be extended in case of Coronavirus @ COVID-19 outbreaks continues to rise daily. More and more people will be facing food shortages if the MCO continues.

PAS Miri has distributed the basic food supply to the villagers and squatters in Pujut 9 affected by the difficulty of obtaining food supplies and the MCO.

Also present were Mr. Muhtar Bin Haji Suhaili who a PAS’s central committee member and also Mr. Mahmad Nazri as Vice-Chairman of the PAS Miri cum PAS Senadin member.

The donation program was also assisted by members of the NGO – Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rumpun Islam Sejagat Miri (KERIS), who is also a members of the PAS branch Senadin.

PAS Miri has been working hard to help the underprivileged population even under limited circumstances. The program will continue in other places as well, with the approval and cooperation of the local authorities. Only those who are granted permits can go out and distribute donations as PAS remains in compliance with the MCO. Hopefully, the epidemic COVID-19 can be eliminated immedidiately

Jofri Jaraiee
Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief