We want Umno to attack Nik Aziz


Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat likening Umno to communists and Ayah Pin is a Pas strategy, Pas claimed.

Pas Manik Urai by-election machinery adviser Datuk Wan Rahim Wan Abdullah said it was to divert the attention of Umno members from the by-election.

“We (Pas) have given some space to Umno so that they can attack our menteri besar. We want him (Nik Aziz) to engage Umno leaders while we continue with our plan to gain victory in the July 14 by-election,” he told a news conference to introduce Pas candidate Mohd Fauzi Abdullah

Present were Nik Aziz and Pas leaders.

Wan Rahim, the state assembly speaker, said since the tactic was successful, the party planned to continue with it.
“The menteri besar will make a statement at the ceramah he attends. He will also come out with other ‘hot’ statements in the next few days.”

He said Pas was confident Fauzi would win the seat.

Fauzi said he would try his best to help the people here.

“Although the Barisan Nasional candidate is better educated than me, I promise to work hard to make sure the people are satisfied with my performance.”

Nik Aziz said: “I believe Fauzi is the right person for the seat as he is similar in character to former Manik Urai assemblyman Ismail Yaacob, who died in May – NST