Stroke Patients Need Help


Stroke or “angin ahmar” is a health problem caused by blockage of blood vessels and blood supply to the affected brain. Another part of the brain does not get enough oxygen and therefore, the brain cells become damaged or die, resulting in the body is controlled by the brain that is not functioning. Stroke is a serious nerve injury and its symptoms are sudden loss of nerve function.

Miri PAS visited one of the stroke patients living in the Kampung Tudan Phase 2 Lutong residential area and offered some help to ease his burden. PAS also donated some help to ease the burden of the families involved.

One of the victims of the stroke, Abdul Ra’of Bin Kadir suffered a stroke at the end of last year and he has three children and one of his sons, aged 2 years recently passed away from a perforated heart attack. Now he can’t work as usual because of the stroke and his wife is a full-time housewife.

Hopefully, Abdul Ra’of can recover and return to normal for him to support his family back. So far, he still needs help to support his family.

They need help to carry on with their daily lives. Perhaps with a little help, it can ease the burden of their family life at least they can continue with their lives as usual

We urge the Department of Social Welfare, Baitulmal, NGOs and the public to collectively contribute and help ease the burden of families involved in this problem.

Cooperation with the relevant parties to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Jofri Jaraiee

Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief