Security Council Fails To Adopt Resolution On Climate-Related Security Risks


he UN Security Council on Monday, in a contentious meeting, rejected a draft resolution that would have integrated climate-related security risk as a central component of UN conflict-prevention strategies aiming to help counter the risk of conflict relapse.

In a recorded vote of 12 in favor to two against (India and Russia), with one abstention (China), the council — acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter — rejected the draft owing to the negative vote by a permanent member of the council.

Co-sponsored by Niger, council president for December, and Ireland, the draft would have requested the secretary-general to integrate climate-related security risk as a central component into comprehensive conflict-prevention strategies of the UN, to contribute to the reduction of the risk of conflict relapse due to adverse effects of climate change.

The vote followed an open debate of the council on Dec. 9 in which nearly 60 speakers warned that people and countries most vulnerable to climate change also are most vulnerable to terrorist recruitment and violence.