Rosli Dungun political empire

1180 am not finish yet with Dungun Umno chief Rosli Mat Hassan, whose deputy chief is MP Matulidi Jusoh, the person he chided ‘kalau miskin dan takda duit, jangan jadi wakil rakyat la…’ before MB Ahmad Said recently. This guy has to go, very soon!

Why? His arrogance and stuck-up behavior in choosing his own team, despising his own deputy and building his own political empire in the division, may lead to Terengganu downfall in the next general election.

Yes, his wife is the division Wanita Umno head, his daughter heads the Puteri wing while his son is the division’s treasurer. His ringht hand men are all over Dungun, controlling whatever they can. The District Officer has changed hands three times but the Yang Dipertua Majlis Bandaran Dungun has been there for ages – thanks to his close relation with Rosli.

Even the MB cant do anything. He wont interfere in Umno Dungun affairs because they are buddies. Some said that when Ahmad became Mentri Besar, it was Rosli who showered him with many things – including attires, from head to toes.So strong is their relation that Rosli was recently awarded a RM30 million road project. How about a 1,000ha logging concession which is already the talk of Dungun town?

I also believe Hishamuddin Hussein who is Terengganu’s Umno Liaison Committee chairman is also close to Rosli. If that’s the case, may as well Dungun Umno members forget about bringing him down. Hisham wont do anything as he is also like Rosli – already rich!

Then, to whom should we turn to? PM? DPM?

If this is the type of people Umno needs, then bid goodbye to Malaysians in the next general elections. As the common saying now says, Umno is only for the rich and famous. If you dont have money, just join the party and vote. Unless you got plenty of money, you might be able to buy support to climb the political ladder. Only money is the ticket to become a ‘wakil rakyat’.

Then, Rosli should be retained as division chief and re-elected as a ‘wakil rakyat’ a year or two from now.

I am glad that someone showed me a SMS sent by ‘an Umno rascal’ during the last general election, an instruction not to vote for Umno candidate for Sura state seat in Dungun. Why? The Umno candidate who lost to Pas didnt get ‘somebody’s’ blessing.

It looks like Umno will keep people like this, forever! Nobody dares to bring him down either…

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