Rohingya; One government, Two different statements


“In an interview with The Hindu newspaper, Burma’s information minister, U Aung Kyi (picture right), said his government is working towards a “win-win solution for all stakeholders” and acknowledged that the statelessness of its Rohingya Muslim minority is a key cause of its suffering in the country, according to on November 1, 2012.”

“The local Rakhine also have this belief, and from this situation we are going to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders, a solution that will benefit everybody,” he said.

“Rohingyas are denied citizenship by Myanmar [Burma] and as a consequence the rights that go with it,” he added.

“The government is understood to be considering new moves to confer citizenship on several hundred thousand ‘third generation’ Rohingya who are already entitled to it under Burmese law but who were illegally denied it by previous governments.”

But, the Immigration minister U Khin Ye (picture lef) said that the government has no plan to enlist a new group who are stateless or illegal immigrant in the country, according to The Myanmar post Global Journal, on November 2, 2012.

“Anyone who live in Burma before 1948, we will issue for them “White Card”. While collecting census, must show evidence of staying in Burma since long , otherwise we will take action as per immigration law.”

Diplomatic sources in Burma said the government is now focused on granting citizenship rights on third generation Rohingya, but has yet to decide what to do with several hundred thousand first and second generations Rohingya who are regarded as Bengali immigrants by local Rakhine. government is also understood to be considering whether to accept the Rohingya as a ‘national race’, but progress is expected to be slow because of Rakhine opposition, the information minister said.

“Lots of people are being denied basic rights of citizenship to which they are entitled….and it undermines the rule of law,” said one source.

According to The Myanmar post Global Journal, the minister U Khin Ye said any race who stayed in Burma after independent without registered or list, will check for national security and if found any false , we will not issue them White card.

“We will allow anyone to stay in the country without proof of identity and proof of long staying. It is for our national security proposed.”

Similarly, All the non-ethnic group ( Rohingyas)  who flee from their homes and homeland will sent to a place – Taungbro, Maungdaw –  where the government is planning to set up refugee camps near the Bangladesh border, according to U Aung Mra Kyaw, Arakan State MP.

The government officials are saying different statements on Rohingyas, in Burmese statement show anti-Rohingya while English statement showed pro Rohingya. Which one, we have to accept and to follow, said the politician.

“The president office also declared that the government had evidence who is behind the ethnic cleanse of Rohingya, but never mention who is the person.” – Kaladan News