Lessons for Rosmah & BN: Sulaiman Al-Rajhi – All Wealth Belongs to Allah


http://www.buletinonline.net/images/stories/aberita1/sulaiman-alrajhi.jpgThe feature on Saudi Arabia’s rags-to-riches billionaire Sulaiman Al-Rajhi (Malaysia Chronicle, Wed. August1, 2012, scroll below) is a MUST read for all BN leaders and its blinkered followers.

Indeed, it is also most noble of Malaysia Chronicle to research and feature a story on this humble servant of God especially so when it is the month of Ramadan. Certainly it would be a good challenge to the main stream media that are only abuzz with news and features of feasting, shameless F & B spreads and screaming, opulent charity dos.

Rosmah and BN leaders

Our ‘First Lady’ Datin Seri Rosmah too could learn a lesson or two from this great philanthropist who certainly lives by example.

Our BN leaders and especially those within the firewalls of UMNO and its aping followers too should seriously go read more of this Saudi Arabia’s world’s 120th richest man since they are already averse to reflecting on the life and leadership of our very own home grown Tok Guru Nik Aziz.

With an estimated wealth to a tune of USD7.7 billion, here is a man who chose to become a penniless citizen and servant of Allah. How amazing and truly inspiring!

And his words of wisdom can serve most relevant, timely and is absolutely necessary for our own politicians who are bent on breathing hell fire on the spines of slogging, struggling citizens.

“All wealth belongs to Allah, and we are only those who are entrusted (by God) to take care of them.” states this noble businessman turned true servant of God.

All wealth belongs to Allah

85-year old Sulaiman Al-Rahji, founder of Al-Rajhi Bank – the largest Islamic Bank in the world, says “be honest in your work as well as in spending wealth given by God as a trusted property”. Please reflect on this simple yet profoundly relevant advice.

Look around us. See how individuals who proclaimed to serve society through their political offices within the BN corridors have profiteered and benefitted sinfully through self-interest and selfishness. From botox treatment to facelifts and silken wardrobes to choking pearls; and not to mention the palatial dwellings spilling with ugly opulence as well as suspiciously acquired prawn farms and cattle ranches – what do all these say?

Now that we are into Ramadan, look around the number of seeming charitable doings of feeding orphans by the rich politicians. Look out for the Hari Raya festive celebrations. See how the rich politicians will be handing out duit Raya to the poor.

Witness how well these rich politicians and their spouses are decked in silk and pearls and wrist full of gold as they wait at the entrances of their palatial dwellings lighted with imported crystal chandeliers and seemingly showing that they cared for the poor, the struggling rakyat.

Leadership without honesty, without soul

Look around these days and witness how the BN leaders are handing out all kinds of seeming ‘relief’ aid – or more appropriately ‘dole’ to the citizens and plantation people. See how they are awarding contracts.

And of course do no miss out how they arrest those who blow the whistle on them.

And do not forget how they spend their lives – holidaying in private jets and entourages; their shopping sprees overseas; their hidden abodes in the cool mountains of faraway lands; and what have you.

Well, Sulaiman Al-Rajhi has this to say: “I always travel in economy class with the conviction that Allah bestowed us wealth not for showing arrogance or spend extravagantly but to deal with wealth as a trusted property.”

No wonder the poor turn to the Opposition

BN, UMNO, MCA, MIC – can all of you leaders and crony appointees match up to this great living saint of Saudi Arabia? Well, then at least re-visit the life and times of our own home grown Tok Guru – if you like.

Therein then lies the truth of what and how the rakyat feel about the BN government. It explains why the Opposition coalition is making thunderous headway from West to East Malaysia with Sabah delivering the nation’s latest tidal wave.

Leadership without a soul is the very source of corruption.