House Raze Victim in Kampung Muhibbah Need New Shelter


PAS Miri deliver welfare assistance to the fire victims in the Kampung Muhibbah Kuala Baram recently. A total of 22 residents of Kampung Muhibbah, Kuala Baram left nothing after their homes were destroyed in a fire early in the morning a few days ago.

Fire that occurred as early as 3:30 am involving a total of six wooden houses built over the last 20 years were totally destroyed. Most of the victims were workers at sawmills and shipping companies in Kuala Baram.

After the incident PAS Miri visiting the fire victims and this is the second time PAS extend assistance to the victims’ families by giving the food supply and clothing and other daily essentials to lighten the burden their bear.

According to residents they are prohibited rebuilding on the original site after their homes burned. The population in Kuala Baram should be given basic facilities and lots of land so that they could build a more secured life and peaceful without having to struggle to find a new site after their homes burned.

To have and to build a new home it is difficult for the residents as house prices are now too expensive and their income is just enough to cover daily expenses. House prices are too expensive for low-income populations in Miri difficult for them to have a comfortable home for a large family.

Ketua Pemuda PAS Swak Arif bersama mangsa kebakaran  kpg MuhibbahWe urge the authorities to be able to provide assistance and to rebuild their homes at the same site as they have long been living there.

In addition, PAS is also actively involved in providing assistance such as changing the roof and other needs in “For You Sarawak” project. Many people who are less fortunate benefited from the outcome of this project.

Although PAS is not the ruling party but with the cooperation of those who care about the problems of the poor people of Sarawak at least help ease the burden of the people who need it.

PAS programs with citizens will continue to be held all the time without selecting any time for the sake of the welfare of the people of Sarawak. We welcome contribution of energy, money and ideas among the people of Sarawak and people who care, together for the success of the welfare of the people projects.

Each contribution can be directed to Maybank account 5611 1805 4521 (Fund for you Sarawak) Telephone: +6013 310 1577 (Zulfikar) or +6013390529 (Zharuddin Narudin)

The funds donated by the public will go to people in need. Cooperation with all parties concerned with the project ‘For you Sarawak’ is very much appreciated.

Haji Jofri Jaraiee
PAS Sarawak Deputy Commissioner (III) cum PAS Miri Chief