Egyptians Will Overthrow Tyranny Peacefully As They Did on January 25th


Dr. Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, denied any relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the armed movements in Egypt, such as the Hasm and Liwaa Al Thawrah (Revolutionary Brigade), stressing that the Muslim Brotherhood is deliberately pursuing a peaceful struggle to overthrow authoritarian regimes as the Egyptian people did during the January 25th Revolution in 2011, when they toppled Mubarak’s regime through a peaceful revolution that inspired the world.

Fahmi stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is committed to the call of its chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, “our peacefulness is stronger than bullets”, confirming that the ruling military junta is keen on creating violent conflicts and initiate new fronts with more innocent victims falling.

Fahmi voiced human rights organizations concerns with the growing number of abuses against activists and political prisoners who are abducted by security forces and assassinated on a daily basis during allegedly armed confrontations despite their long documented enforced disappearance before their killing.

Just last week, Egyptian security forces had killed three of the forcibly disappeared based on allegations of their affiliation with Hasm and Liwaa al Thawrah and what appears to be staged scenes of armed confrontations, despite the fact that several human rights organizations had documented their enforced disappearance nearly 10-30 days prior.