Discipline yourself to change your way of life after the MCO is over


Movement Control Order (MCO) can be lifted or terminated if Coronavirus @ COVID-19 outbreaks continue to decline daily. During this month of Ramadan, Muslims can learn how to discipline themselves to obey God’s commandments by refraining from eating and drinking during the day.

We have to change our way of life, there were no more mass gatherings and free movement as before until the COVID-19 outbreak was abolished. We have to take care of the health, social distance, no longer free to move as usual to avoid COVID-19 spread further, even after the termination of the MCO.

The problem is whether this can be committed or done by Malaysians and we find that there are some states or territories that are free from the epidemic COVID-19 after the MCO was implemented, including the Yellow Zone.

The government needs to review the MCO in the Green Zone so that the MCO can be terminated provided that all population movements in the area are also restricted. Residents in the Green Zone area are not allowed to go to the yellow and red zone areas and vice versa. Although they are free to move in the green zone, this does not mean they can live the lifestyle as before. They need to isolate themselves by maintaining health, social distance, and not holding mass gatherings as before so that all COVID-19 outbreaks can be completely eliminated nationwide. MCO is still needed in the red zone and yellow zone until the situation is fully recovered.

It is the hope of all Malaysians today for COVID-19 to be completely abolished, and to fulfill the aspirations of Malaysians, it is imperative to adhere to the MCO and lead a better life than before after more than a month of living with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sarawak PAS wishes happy fasting especially to the Muslims, and we pray that the epidemic COVID-19 will be eliminated entirely in the month of Ramadan is full of blessings. Happy Ramadan Al-Mubarak 2020

Yours faithfully,

Jofri Jaraiee
Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief