Terengganu Won’t Turn Into ‘Taliban State’


The guidelines drafted to govern matters related to entertainment, culture and tourism in Terengganu next year would not have a negative impact to the point of it being labelled as a “Taliban” state.

State Syariah, Education and Higher Learning committee chairman Satiful Bahari Mamat said on the contrary, the guidelines, to be gazetted in 2020, will transform Terengganu’s tourism sector into one that is Syariah compliant.

“No, there will be no such negative perceptions when the guidelines come into force … tourists come to Terengganu not to indulge in immoral activities just because they have more freedom to do so where they come from.

“Tourists visit Terengganu to enjoy the natural surroundings, the local culture and what we as a state that fulfils Islamic requirements can offer,” he said, when replying to Roslee Daud’s (BN-Bukit Besi) additional question on how the proposed guidelines would impact the tourism sector and industry players.

Replying to Datuk Rozi Mamat’s additional question on open aerobic sessions, Satiful said Terengganu has no plans to stop them, but added there are adjustments needed to be done, with where men and women are positioned during the activity being one of them.

“That is why we encourage more male trainers for this (aerobics) activity … for women, they can conduct their sessions in closed spaces,” he said.

Meanwhile, a PAS assemblyman, during the debate of the 2020 State Budget, asked the federal government to consider the 25% deduction from the Wang Tunai Petroleum (oil royalty) payment to only involve the amount that is due for payment in 2020.

Hishamuddin Abdul Karim (PAS-Tepoh) said this would be only be fair for Terengganu to implement its development agenda in the state for the benefit of the people.