Surau Pasar Malam Miri Should Be Expanded Further


Saberkas Miri Night Market is one of the attractions for visitors from abroad and within the country to enjoy various types of local cakes, various side dishes and local cuisine recipes that are sure to attract the attention of people who visit there.

The night market traders complained to us that the surau near where they do business, the prayer space is quite narrow at this time andcan be enlarged, especially the prayer space. This can only fit five to six people before the Coronavirus pandemic but now can only be filled according to SOP in two to three people only.

They urged the local authorities in collaboration with the Miri Islamic Religious Council to expand the prayer space at the surau to facilitate traders, Muslim visitors from abroad and within the country who visit the night market to perform their prayers comfortably.

The majority of night market traders are Muslims and they also need a more comfortable place of worship besides facilitating the implementation of God’s command even when doing business.

There is no doubt that there is a surau on the top floor of the nearby shop but it is not very suitable for the elderly and those with health problems such as knee problems also find it difficult to walk to the top floor of the surau.

According to night market traders, they had informed the local authorities a few years ago about the issue so that the Night Market Surau could be enlarged to accommodate the growing number of worshipers but no action was taken by the authorities.

We urge the Sarawak Islamic Religious Council in particular to take note of this problem as it is for the convenience of Muslims to pray in congregation at the surau more comfortably. Perhaps the cost to enlarge the surau is not so huge if there is an allocation.

Maybe today there are fewer people but it must be remembered that one day the number of Muslims will also increase so it needs to be given attention by the relevant parties for the welfare of Muslims.

Once again, we urge the relevant parties to expedite the construction of additional space for prayers and a more comfortable space to accommodate the growing number of congregations.

Cooperation with relevant parties to implement the demands of Muslims is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Jofri Jaraiee
Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief