Statement on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day


On 17 April each year, the Palestinians mark the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day to voice solidarity with Palestinian detainees held in Israeli occupation prisons. Our detainees are an integral part of the Palestinian people and their national cause.

This anniversary comes as a reminder of the Palestinian detainees’ continued suffering as a result of the Israeli occupation’s terrorism and brutality against them and its desperate attempts to undermine their determination and break their will.

As Hamas mourns the Palestinian detainees who died inside Israeli jails, wishes a speedy recovery for the sick detainees, and salutes the Palestinian detainees languishing in Israeli prisons, Hamas states the following:

First: Releasing the Palestinian detainees from Israeli occupation prisons is a national matter of supreme importance and it will remain a top priority for the movement and will spare no effort to free them.

Second: Hamas warns the fascist Israeli occupation government against escalating its systematic violations and crimes and holds it fully responsible for the lives and wellbeing of Palestinian detainees, especially the sick detainees, children, and women.

Third: Hamas calls on the Palestinian masses and national factions to unify all efforts to support the Palestinian detainees and their families with all means possible.

Fourth: Hamas calls on human rights groups and humanitarian organisations to take an effective action to put an end to the Israeli violations, push for an immediate release of Palestinian detainees, expose the Israeli crimes and hold the perpetrators accountable before international courts.

Hamas Movement
Monday, 17 April 2023