Security Suppression Will Not Dissuade Our People From Uniting


We have followed from the first moments the escalating popular movement in the West Bank cities in response to the punitive measures imposed by the Palestinian Authority on our people in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the peaceful protests and the wide national participation, PA security forces violently suppressed the demonstrations on Tuesday in the cities of Ramallah and Nablus, and assaulted, beat, and detained the partcipants, tearing a part their alienable right to protest. Such scenes witnessed on Wednesday night remind us of the Israeli Occupation when violently dispersing peaceful Palestinian protests whether in the West Bank or Gaza.

In light of this security repression, we confirm the following:

First, we condemn in the strongest terms this unethical aggression against our people who are steadfast in the face of the Israeli Occupation.

Second, the security forces’ aggression came with political approval which further confirms the PA’s persistance in imposing the catastrophic sanctions on our people in Gaza. The people of Palestine are being governed by a minority rejected by the majority of the Palestinian society who also reject the sanctions on Gaza.

Third, the suppression of the movement that rejects the punishment of our people in Gaza confirms that the Authority is a key partner in the siege imposed on our people in the Gaza Strip for more than 11 years, especially as this aggression coincides with the crimes of the Israeli Occupation against the peaceful demonstrators during the Great March of Return.

Four, Hamas praises all those who called for the organization of these protests and calls upon many others to be held.

Five, we call upon the PA leadership to listen to the voice of the Palestinian street and to immediately end the sanctions imposed on our people in Gaza, to review the policies of individuality and hegemony over the Palestinian decision and to return to the path of Palestinian reconciliation. We also call for the immediate release of all those abducted, and for Human rights and all relevant bodies to exert efforts to force the authorities to release the demonstrators.

The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas
14 June 2018