Insulting Watson Nyambek: PAS Youth Demands Stern Action


Sarawak PAS Youth demanded stern action against TV3, Primeworks studio and TV host ‘Ammar’ after the incidents of an insult to the father of Malaysian sprinter, Watson Nyambek.

These humiliations are regrettable, showed cheapness of TV3 broadcasting and publishing ethics of Primeworks Studio.

This is the outcome of dumping program does not educate, give priority to entertainment without substance and not helpful which was broadcast by the mainstream media. This incident should serve as a lesson to all parties to reflect on the level and quality of broadcasting in our country.

Lack of educational programs, giving priority to the pursuit of profit and the only rating solely without thinking about the effects and lessons to the audience will produce a publisher and presenter of a slacker and no creativity.

One’s reputation has been tarnished as a result of actions that have been shown by the TV host. Although the purpose is for comedy but it has hurt the feelings of a person by an act which is not polite and well-mannered.

Sarawak PAS Youth also urged Malaysians; particularly Sarawakians to boycott of TV3 sign of protest and support Watson Nyambek solidarity to take action against the parties concerned as a lesson.

M Arifiriazul Paijo
Sarawak PAS Youth Chief