Role of Sabasun as a Muslim Entrepreneur


Role of Sabasun HyperRuncit promoting halal product not only said by local people but was stated in many document and research.

Sabasun’s mission is to become a strong and competitive mukmin retailer in dealing with global challenge.In interpreting the vission, the Sabasun management views that as a muslim retailer, it cannot shirk or run awayfrom practicing the teaching of Islam or its guidance and law that has been established in totality or in wholeness.

In complying with religious requirements, halal factor is a prime consideration in deciding to offer a particularproduct on it’s shelves or not. Sabasun will not compromise in selling a product which halal status in terms of itsingredient and proces is declared as in doubt or unclear by any of the State Islamic Religion Departments, JAKIM and any of the international Islamic body recognised by JAKIM.

Sabasun will always make sure that its’customers will buy the product without any lingering doubt about halal status.The missions listed by Sabasun are:

a.To make Islam as the axis for administration, management, business and product selection.
b.To practice management culture built on truth, fairness and consultation.
c.To make knowledge culture as the foundation for developing self confidence and department.
d.To commit on continuous improvement of quality service, product and staff.
e.To promote and establish harmonious relationship among staff, suppliers and customers.
f.To establish Sabasun as leader in dakwahand Islamic economy.
g.To accomplish the mission, Sabasun emphasises on halal products for Muslim consumers and a set of strict procedure has been established and practiced without compromise

Product Selection for Retail

Each retail product will have to go through a preliminary selection process and be approved by seven-memberinternal panel appointed by Sabasun. Each product must be inspected for authorized halal certificate (halal logo)from approved religious body. Product labeling will then also be inspected for completeness of information asrequired by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) and the Department of Health.After that, label and logo displayed on the product must also be checked to make sure its’ compliance withreligious sensitivities. For examples, a logo for gambling (Jackpot or lotto), photos of forbidden animals (pig anddog), exploitation of women for product promotion (women’s body curve) and symbols for terrorist countries (United States of America and Israel) are deemed to be touching upon religious sensitivities. The shape or formof the product also should not suggest or insinuate the society’s sensitivities as in taking the form of liqour bottlesor bottles that takes the form of women’s body. To ensure it is properly done, Sabasun will first check withJAKIM, The State of Terengganu Islamic Religion Department, the Department of Health, PPIM and KPDNHEP when a halal status of a particular product is doubted or unclear. If there is no problem, Sabasun will then notifythe supplier of the product to send a copy of halal certificate for the customers’ notice.

The above article is a part of the report tittled “The Concept of Halalan Tayyiba and Its Application in Products Marketing : A Case Study at Sabasun HyperRuncit Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

A study was made by three lecturer from Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (Unisza) proven academically that Sabasun is a premis that conducting Halal business as accordance.

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