Geramm Regrets Photographer Punched While Covering MH17 Family Victim


Gerakan Media Marah (Geramm) regrets the incident befalling New Straits Times photographer Aizuddin Saad while on duty at the Nirvana Memorial Centre in Sungai Besi this morning, covering the arrival of remains from the MH17 crash.

IMG-20140902-WA0056Although we emphatise with the family members of victims, Geramm is of the stand that it is highly inappropriate for any quarters to inflict any form of harm or harass media officials who are on duty.

Based on video footage and photographs of the incident, Aizuddin is seen to suffer injuries on his face and damages to his camera after he was punched by a family member of a victim.

It can be seen from the video that a family member of the victim had lurched forward and punched Aizuddin who was standing among the photographers on duty.

It must be admitted that the coverage of MH17 (much like other tragedies) is a real test of the media’s professionalism in managing the sensitivities of family members involved.

Geramm, however, urges all quarters to understand and cooperate with the media who are only performing their duties without intention to add on to the burden faced by family members.