Dangers of Using Staples in the Food Packaging


Most packaged foods nowadays are using staples that can cause safety problems for consumers.

In the past food wrappers using wax to close or clamp packaged foods that using plastic, but now they use staples instead. Mostly junk food use the plastic packaging and banana leaves.

The “Grilled glutinous rice” is also used, the old days it is rolled up in a steamed glutinous rice, wrapped in banana leaves and baked. It is a traditional Malay recipe. After that, they will use the skewers on a banana leaf tip.

Using skewers to “Grilled glutinous rice “somewhat safer than staples, however there are some hawkers prefer staples as the easy way to wrap food.

Using staples can cause consumers swallowed staples if the staples dropped or mixed in packaged foods without realizing its contents.

If an adult can even negligent not to mention the children who love to eat junk food without cautious and directly feeding to the mouth when they are hungry.

jofrijaraieeSnacks such as nuts, grains and sugar jelly repackaged in smaller quantities also use the staples as a clamping package and it is more harmful to consumers, especially small children

We find the use of staples in nearly all food packaging activities such as grocery stores, supermarkets or night market that could jeopardize the safety of consumers.

The Ministry of Health should be sensitive to this issue and constantly monitor the activities of the packaging that uses staples by ban it immediately if necessary.

We urge the government and relevant parties should use media channels to explain the dangers of the use of staples in food packaging, implications and risks faced by consumers if they are not careful while eating.

We suggest that food packaging can use clamp packaging that is safer from using staples.

These need to be given adequate attention from the authorities and relevant parties for the safety of consumers. Cooperation with relevant parties to resolve this issue immediately is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully
Jofri Jaraiee
PAS Sarawak Deputy Commissioner III cum PAS Miri Chief