Offer of money ends beating by gang


KUALA TERENGGANU: They obviously had never heard of the saying: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

Police have arrested a man and are now looking for members of his gang and the man who hired them to beat up his estranged wife’s alleged lover — all because of the gang’s greed.

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, the gang of about 30 thugs barged into the Kampung Tok Jembal house of a woman who had been living apart from her husband for some time.

There, they assaulted a 26-year-old man, an employee of the kindergarten run by the woman.

While the assault went on, one of the gang members let it slip that the woman’s husband had hired them to do the deed.
Despite pleas from the man and the woman that the former was just a kind of “foster brother” to the latter, the assault continued.

The gang even assaulted the 42-year-old woman and her two children, aged 9 and 26.

After a while, the gang took the man to a secluded spot and resumed the beating.

At one point, they almost severed his index finger and it was then that victim, already weak and fearing for his life, came up with an idea.

He offered the thugs more than what was being paid by the woman’s husband, and luckily for him, the trick worked.

The group leader, driven by greed, released him at 4am, but not before telling the victim to close the deal in Bukit Kecil the next day.

The victim immediately took the opportunity to report the matter to the police, who set up a trap.

A gang member who turned up the next day for the money was arrested.

Police are now looking for the other members of the group and also the woman’s husband, all of whom have gone into hiding following the incident.

The wife, meanwhile, lodged a report at the Kuala Terengganu police headquarters the next day.-NST