Muslim Leader Responsible Defending Islam


Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia (DPPM) has urged the Umno-BN government to be the main bulwark against the Islamic religion and any attempt to insult the religion of Islam by non-Muslims in the country. DPPM referring to Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who asked that affect the sensitivity of the Muslims to not extend can cause tension, as in other Muslim countries.

Putra_Mosque_14TPM statement actually addressed to himself and his own party as the party that dominates the federal government, because he and the PM’s authority in the country and the duty was to defend himself and his party leaders tainted by Muslims from other parties.

For DPPM, if there are those who continue to insult and humiliate Islam, UMNO leaders should be blamed for not being hard on these people. As the country’s top leaders, they are responsible to defend Islam and to punish those who mock Islam.

Non-Muslims would not dare mock Islam if Muslim leaders this country stand firm on principle in defense of Islam. Islam will be respected if Muslim leaders Muslim country in the form of express appreciation, the implementation of Islam in all sectors in the country. Non-Muslims will feel the beauty of Islam if the principle of fairness, honesty and trust in the leadership of the country successfully translated into life.

DPPM see, to ensure no non-Muslims to insult Islam, a comprehensive understanding of education should be given to Malaysians so that they understand the real teachings of Islam. Beauty and completeness of Islam should be communicated to all people so that they truly understand Islam. Responsibility of national leaders are preaching to preach to all parties through a variety of mediums, from mosques, speaker and preacher, discourse, dialogue, brochures, printed materials, TV programs and others.

The country’s leaders also need to work with all parties from NGOs, political parties, including the opposition, and Islamic associations in the country. Or political discrimination against other parties, particularly the opposition leaders and scholars in the country should not be set aside so that Islam can truly be served. On the question defend of Islamic fundametals, honesty and sincerity preferred to reject the narrow partisan sentiment and personal interests.