Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates President Erdogan


The Muslim Brotherhood congratulates the Turkish people on the presidential election, which resulted in the victory of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the first round. This win is significant in many ways:

– The elections were fair and transparent, competitive and democratic. President Erdogan won by 53% of the vote. This winning percentage is common in all established democratic states, and shows respect for ideological and political pluralism.

– Erdogan’s victory is the fruit of great endeavors made by him and his party, with which they pulled Turkey up from the bottom of the list of developed countries to the seventeenth most powerful economy in the world.

– Their success was a result of distancing the army from politics, and putting an end to military coups which led to backwardness and ruled Turkey as a dictatorship, killing, arresting and corrupting people. So, they rid themselves of that cancer and ruled by the principles of freedom, democracy and dignity that brought them to what they have achieved today.

– Erdogan and his government sided with truth and justice in all regional and international issues – especially Arab issues – and respected high principles and values.​ They fully supported the cause of Palestine, sought to break the siege of Gaza, and refused to allow their airports to be used to attack Iraq in 2003, although Turkey is a NATO member. All this is clear evidence that they are men and women of principles.

– In his winning speech, Erdogan focused on national accord, stressing that Turkey is for all its people and that he is President of the whole people, no matter what their ethnicity, religion or doctrine, and called for more hard work in order to achieve further progress and advancement.

In conclusion, the Muslim Brotherhood congratulates the Turkish people and prays for greater success and prosperity for Turkey.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Monday – August 11, 2014