Hamas Mourns The Killing Of Palestinian


Hamas mourns the killing of Ashraf Na’alwa and Saleh al-Barghothi by the Israeli Occupation forces late Wednesday.

In light of this crime, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following:

First: The Israeli crimes would neither deter the Palestinians in the West Bank nor dissuade them from sticking to their right to resist the occupation until they restore their freedom and independence

Second: The Palestinian people have chosen the path of resistance as a strategic option to end the occupation and return to their homeland.

Third: The Palestinian people are determined to fight off the occupation and will not backtrack at any cost.

Fourth: Hamas calls on the Palestinian people in the West Bank to unite behind the option of resistance in their struggle for freedom until they liberate their usurped lands.
– http://hamas.ps/en/post/1769/press-release-on-assassination-of-two-palestinians-by-israeli-occupation