General Elections are not suitable to be held as the COVID-19 epidemic escalat


Now, people are talking about COVID-19 increasing every day. In Malaysia, for example, the days of this topic are raised. Around the world, the story is almost the same as there are no signs that it is declining.

Many foreign countries like the United States, Brazil, and India, positive cases there have reached millions of cases. There is no sign that the case will recover gradually in the near future. Deaths around the world also record thousands of cases every day. It can be said that almost all countries are now ‘colonized’ by COVID-19 without control.

There are discussions or rumors that say that the Sarawak government will dissolve the DUN in the near future. If it really happened when the community was angry with the recent increase in the COVID-19 epidemic, of course, it could cause the community life to suffer more and the economy could also be affected if the Movement Control Order (MCO) is re-implemented.

Is the current government willing to bear the risk as well as the safety and health of the people guaranteed if the COVID-19 epidemic increases? When the people are angry with the rising COVID-19 epidemic, the government should help increase the income of the people affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and not just be selfish just to win the Election.

Do not let the people get angry and punish irresponsible governments by rejecting them in the next General Election because they are just playing politics regardless of the fate of the people who need help and take care of their safety and health.

We urge the government to prioritize the safety and health of the people by postponing all activities that could threaten the safety and health of the people in the near future. There is no point in winning elections when the people are suffering and the country’s economy is affected by the growing COVID-19 epidemic.

Elections can be held upon expiration or when the COVID-19 outbreak can be handled as best as possible. The government can also hold elections in a controlled manner without holding public meetings and giving each candidate the opportunity to campaign or issue their respective party manifestos using government media such as RTM and others without restrictions as long as they do not violate the broadcasting act.

We, therefore, urge the government to consider these recommendations to maintain the health and the safety of the people regardless of race, religion, and political beliefs. Hopefully, the COVID-19 epidemic can be eradicated, and Malaysians, in particular, can live in peace and be able to carry out daily activities as usual.

Yours faithfully,
Jofri Jaraiee
Sarawak PAS Commissioner cum Miri PAS Chief