Zulkifli: SIS should drop “Islam”


Zulkifli Noordin In a press statement today, he accused SIS of misappropriating the word “Islam” through their position that wearing the tudung was a personal choice, and their criticisms of injustice in polygamous marriages in Malaysia.

“In fact, I suggest that this group change its name to the Cosmopolitan Women’s Alliance, in line with their image since most of them do not wear tudung and some of them are not even married,” he said.

Zulkifli, who is also a lawyer, recommended five other actions to be taken against SIS:

For the police and Attorney-General’s Chambers to investigate if there have been any police reports lodged against SIS, and if there are, to charge SIS under Section 298A of the Penal Code.

For the Islamic departments to investigate SIS and its members in order to take punitive action if they have violated the Syariah Criminal Offences Enactments.

For the National Fatwa Council to call for a muzakarah (discussion) to decide on what to do with SIS, and also call SIS to explain themselves. Zulkifli said if SIS failed to explain satisfactorily, the National Fatwa Council “should declare them deviants as it did with (Sky Kingdom cult leader) Ayah Pin (Ariffin Mohamed), the Al Arqam group and so on.”

For SIS to cease and desist “using” the daughters of ex-Umno leaders in their activities because “this would weaken the resolve of the authorities to take action against them”.

For PAS to challenge SIS to a muzakarah or open dialogue.

Zulkifli was responding to the 55th PAS muktamar’s resolution calling for the National Fatwa Council to investigate and possibly ban SIS and rehabilitate its members.

He stressed, however, that he disagreed with any efforts to ban SIS.

“This is because banning the group would only create excessive sympathy towards them,” he said, adding that this would only add fuel for “narrow-minded persons to ridicule Islam”. – The Nut Graph