Improper Drainage System among Causes of Flash Flooding


SIBUTI – Continuous heavy rains causing flash floods occur in some low-lying areas around the town of Niah. Water rises from the nearby river causing clogging of the drainage system before the water overflows into almost all the main roads into Niah town. Congestion occurs along the main routes in the vicinity of The Driving Institute Batu Niah due to flash floods.

tmp_kawasan Institut Memandu Batu Niah1852599205 Similarly, the entrance to the Masjid Al-Jabbar Niah affected by flash floods causing the Muslim population difficult to pray when flood waters continue to overflow in the area of the mosque. Among other areas that faced with flash floods in Niah and Bekenu is Saeh area that involves several longhouses and Kelulit village and several villages at the Sibuti River banks.Access road cut off at some longhouses in Niah due to overflow of river water rises and the entrance to the Rh Ngindang and its surrounding area also cut off only passable by heavy vehicles.

Flash floods causing the road cut off and restricting the population of the longhouses to get out daily supplies especially the food from the Niah town and Sepupok. Most of the populations in several longhouses do not have a boat because it is entirely dependent on road transport.We urge the government and those concerned immediately provide assistance to the affected population due to flooding.Among the causes of flash floods is high tide water cannot flow directly into the sea when collides with heavy rainfall.

This will result flooding occurs, especially at low-lying areas near the sea. The uncontrolled of rapid development, inadequate drainage infrastructure, construction that prevents the flow of the river such as the road construction is not in accordance with specifications. Garbage disposal irregular, maintenance of inadequate drainage system is the causes of the flash floods occur.Among the recommendations should be considered by the government to overcome the recurring floods by conducting a detailed study to identify the causes flood and planning the steps the most effective way to overcome it.

Public awareness programs such as cleanliness campaigns and do not throw trash all over the place especially in drains and rivers. Build a better drainage so that it facilitates the flow of rain water out of the river easily and smoothly.Cooperation with the parties concerned to overcome flash floods immediately is highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully
Jofri Jaraiee
PAS Sarawak Deputy Commissioner iii
cum PAS Miri Chief